Roles at Year Zero fall under six categories: Software Development, Product Management, Marketing & Communications, Sales & Business Development, Analyst & Research, Operations & Support

Software Development

  • The satisfaction you get from getting your code to work is worth the sweat and tears

  • Growing as a developer is a top priority in your life (right now)

  • You may have pulled an all nighter (or several) working on that coding assignment or some LeetCode problems

Analyst & Research

  • Genuinely curious to learn, open-minded and resourceful

  • Analytical in your approach to most things in life

  • You likely know your way around a spreadsheet

Product & Project Management

  • You have a solutions-first mentality and strong customer empathy

  • You enjoy solving problems, doing research, and testing solutions

  • You are interested in bridging the gap between business, technical, and design teams

Sales & Marketing

  • You are a born creative who loves to express yourself through your work

  • You are proud of how many Instagram followers and likes you have

  • You are a strong communicator, regardless if it’s an email, a phone call or tweet